Birdies Expected; Woodies Guaranteed

Welcome to Daddy’s Caddies; home of the best golf experience in Vegas.  Las Vegas is a great golf destination with over 50 courses and perfect weather to play year round.  Why not play a round with one of our hot female caddies to make your round even more enjoyable?


Because you want the best round ever, no matter what you score. Caddies in Vegas, especially Females have been blooming. We at Daddy’s Caddie believe why not have a HOT female with you while you play golf and enjoy the gorgeous views of Vegas Golf Courses. Our caddies love to tell dirty jokes with you, push the boundaries on the golf course as much as possible, and do anything we can to make sure you have the best time. Other Caddy companies are more strict with their girls. Our Caddies have fun with you, we will take shots, help you bet your friends if you want and “distract” them so they miss. Once you have experienced Golf with us “Vegas Style” you will want our caddies every time you play golf. And of course your Vegas golf outing pictures will be the envy of all your friends back home (unless of course you choose to keep them secret so the wife or girlfriend won’t know).

We believe in quality over anything and handpick each caddy. Each caddy is model like and utmost FUN, FUN, FUN. If you have a party, golf event, tournament or anything of the such we can even send the girls for you as model golf caddies, bartenders or servers. Whether it’s a guys outing, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or a corporate event we will make your trip amazing.


Our stunningly beautiful caddies also know their way around the course. All of our girls are trained in golf etiquette and caddy skills. In addition to making you look good on the golf course your Daddys Caddie will take care of everything a caddy should, including:

  • Ordering/serving your drinks so you aren’t distracted by the beverage cart.
  • Properly tend the Flag/Pin
  • Assist in keeping your shaft aligned and making a smooth firm stroke
  • Raking Bunkers
  • Cleaning your balls and clubs
  • Sanding Divots
  • Repairing Ball marks/Pitch marks
  • Calculating Distance
  • Managing your clubs and head covers so you don’t leave one behind
  • Course knowledge and Green Reading Tips
  • Drive you around the Golf Course all day if you desire
  • Keep score
  • And so much more…
Daddy's Caddies help with putting
I’ll help you give it a smooth firm stroke


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Las Vegas Female Caddies

Please Note: With reference to Las Vegas female caddies spelling, often you will see another spelling of Las Vegas female caddys. Either way, what ever is best for you, our hot females will give you the best Las Vegas golf experience. There is no comparison when you have a gorgeous female caddy or gorgeous female caddie, your score will be better. However you spell the word, make sure you only call Daddys Caddies, 700-2-747-8369, for a Las Vegas golf experience you will never forget. Our Vegas hot model female caddies will put a smile on your face.

Daddys Caddies proudly supports the Las Vegas WON Rotary Club.

Las Vegas Female Golf Caddies

Daddys Caddies hot gorgeous model female caddies are breathe takingly and are more than just eye candy. Aligning sexy female caddies with the 24/7 lifestyle of Las Vegas, Daddys Caddies is ready for you to select the female caddy which you deserve.