About Daddy’s Caddies

Welcome to the Official Blog of Daddy’s Caddies.  We are all about “Golf Vegas Style.”  

What is Golf Vegas Style?  

It’s the most fun and memorable round of golf you’ll ever play accompanied by one or more of our hot, sexy female caddies.  Daddy’s Caddies know golf etiquette and know how to caddy.  But this is Vegas and that means, it’s golf with some fun twists and sexy entertainment on the course. Vegas is known as “Sin City” after all and our town’s slogan is “What Happens Here Stays Here.” So we bring naughty fun to the more than 50 great golf courses in Las Vegas and surrounding areas including Primm and Mesquite. You can choose to share the pictures of your adventure with your friends back home, or keep your Vegas Golf Experience your own discreet personal secret.  With Daddy’s Caddies…


Here’s a recent video of a few of Daddy’s Caddies at a private golf outing. 

Fun in the Rough 


Who Are Daddy’s Caddies?

Daddy’s Caddies are local Las Vegas models, bar tenders, cocktail servers, students, and entertainers.  We are beautiful young ladies who know enough about golf to be serious caddies and yet know how to bring a fun wild Vegas vibe to the golf course at the same time. We’ll help you keep your shaft aligned and make a smooth steady stroke on the putting greens.  We’ll take care of your sticks and keep both your clubs and balls clean.  Here’s a couple of videos to give you an idea of who we are and what we do. We can provide you with one caddy for your group or as many as you like for your corporate event.  We’ve even participated in a Caddy Auction for a fundraising event.  You can also learn more about us at our Frequently Asked Questions and Pricing Page. Or see more of us in our Gallery.

Heres some video from a recent golf outing we had

What Makes Daddy’s Caddies The Best?

Yes we know we aren’t the first to offer hot female caddies for your Las Vegas Golf Experience.  There’s a modeling agency here that sends girls to ride in the cart with you.  There’s a couple of nationwide companies that have one or 2 girls available to caddy in Las Vegas.  There is even a 2 girl team that provides acrobatic caddies.  But only Daddy’s Caddies has a large selection of stunningly beautiful Las Vegas girls who also know golf.  Our girls are trained in golf etiquette and know what to do on the course.  They also have local course knowledge and greens tips which will save you strokes. And they know how to have delightfully inappropriate Vegas fun.  We don’t just send you pretty girls to ride in the cart.  We send you beautiful caddies who will make your round fun no matter what you shoot.

Daddy's Caddy on the greenBe the envy of your friends back home and the groups playing in front of you and behind you. 



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  1. Hi, We had Theresa and Nina caddy for us today and they were both awesome fun girls. We had a blast on the course and will call you again next time we come to Vegas. My foursome back home will be so jealous when they see the pictures.

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